Date : 11/8/2015


Date : 11/8/2015


Date : 16/2/2015

In this issue:

-   The Mechanisms of Islamic Philanthropy in Light of Globalization.
-  The Arabic Revolutions and the Future of Philanthropy.
- The Political Role for Charitable Institutions and Building the Culture of Philanthropy
"Future Vision"
- The Emergence of Women Societies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their role in developing the woman.

- Trends in the Philanthropic announcing: Influence Keys and Development Outlooks.

Date : 30/10/2014
  • Charity Work: A Theoretical Background for the concept.
  • Charity Work and Political stability in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: Factors and Fields.
  • Charity Work in Central Asia: Reality and Hope.
  • Impact of Charity Work on International Relations.


Date : 19/10/2014
  • Charitable Work in the Arab Gulf Region: Beginnings and Development.
  • Challenges Facing Islamic Charitable Work in Africa: ( A strategic Perspective ).
  • Chartable Work Conferences and seminars held in the GCC, Member states in the period 2000 - 2008-: A Descriptive and Analytical study.
  • Opinion Polls and their Use in Charitable Work.
  • Raising Funds (Kim Klein): Book Review.